South Pars Phase 21 platform loaded

South Pars Gas Field Development, Phase 21, PlatformThe platform of phase 21 with the extraction capacity of one billion cubic feet of gas loaded onThursday, 17th of November 2016.

As reported by the public relation of Pars Oil and Gas Company (POGC), Alireza Ebadi, the executive manager of phases 20 & 21 of South Pars announced that the torch of phase 21 platform is lightened after its opening and flowing to the well number one. He added that production and transmission procedure of gas to the onshore refinery would be started as soon as possible.

The platform of phase 21 is the 21st deck of the common field of South Pars which is being operationalized safely.

The platform weighting 2700 tons was already installed on the tank position of phase 21 in August.

Ebadi said that 28.3 million cubic meters of gas would be added to the extraction capacity of South Pars field with the gradual opening of all the wells of phase 21.

He announced that the test of the platform’s onshore and offshore pipelines is finished, and the water is being dischargedfrom these pipelines in order for the ingression of sour gas. He stated that the gas of the phase 21 platform would be transported to the refineries of phases 20 & 21 within the last week of November.

Ebadi had already described the installment of the deck of phase 21 as the result of the efforts of Pars Oil & Gas company within a coherent planning in cooperation with the project contractors through accelerating the items ordering and inquiring utilities of the platform and performing the executive procedures with considering the quality standards.

While the offshore activities of phases 20 & 21 are being finalized, according to the executive manager of the project, the finalization of the refinery units of the onshore refinery is also considered seriously by the employer and contractors.

In this regard Ebadi claimed that a major part of the shipment of electric faucets which was included in the boycotted products before and is necessary in clot stuck unit and 2nd and 4th rows of sweetening are repurchased after the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

He continued that a part of these faucets are delivered to the site through air and a part of it would be reached to the refinery by next week.

He said that the 1st sweetening row of the phases 20 & 21 refinery has already been utilized with the sour gases of phases 6 & 7 & 8. He continued by mentioning that the current and 2nd sweetening rows will receive and process the sent gas from platform 21.
Pointing to the fact that the progress of the refineries of South Pars phases 20 &21 has reached to 90%, Ebadi continued that the 3rd and 4th rows of sweetening would also be utilized by December 2016 and mid-January 2017 so that all the sweetening rows of the phases would be in the operationalization service.