Our constructional and Engineering services at Sanat Pardaz Sabz Co. are mainly included but not limited to the followings:

    1. Oil and Gas Industry:
      • Industrial and Non-Industrial Buildings
      • Equipment Foundations
      • Storage Tank Foundations
      • Pipe Racks, Sleepers and Supports
      • Earthwork included activities
      • Roads, Channels and Ditches
    2. Residential Buildings:
      • High-rise concrete and steel structures
      • Residential and commercial complexes
    3. Water Resources:
      • Hydraulic Structures
      • Pump Stations
      • Earth Dams
    4. Piling
    5. Roads and Tunnels
    6. Ports and Jetties

Also, we are committed to take our effort to spread knowledge-base of engineering related field of studies country-wide.